Chicken Redemption

Remember, a few months ago, when I was too afraid to read the first draft of the first monologue of my first play in public?  I said that I would try again the next time around.  Well, the next time around is here.  This Wednesday, I will stand up in front of living, breathing people and I will expose my precious words to their listening ears.  I’m scared, but I have to attend.  You see, I’ve set myself up.  I’ve told all of you, sweet readers, that I will be there.  I have also announced it to all the students and teachers in my program at school.  People have written it on their calendars.

This is my chance to grow larger than myself.  This is my chance to set aside my fear and my self-conscious ego and be brave.  This is a small step toward living a fully sacred life.  I wrote a letter to my ego yesterday and here is what I said:

Dear Ego,

You no longer get to control my life.  For too long you have guided my choices from a place of fear.  You have been keeping me small.  Well, I’m done with you and your small ways!  Instead, I am choosing to live from the God-space inside of me and I will live as large and beautiful and shiny and sparkly and bold and fabulous as the Holy wants me to be!



Does this letter take away my fear?  No.  But, it gives me permission to acknowledge my fear and let it go.  Instead of resting in a place of nervousness and anxiety, I have grounded myself in the sacred.  I am rooted to the Holy Calm that resides deep in my belly and from that place I will rise up and rejoice!

With my pen.


4 thoughts on “Chicken Redemption

  1. You’ve come along way Melissa! You are one great writer and it shows by what you write! You will do spectacular on Wednesday night and it will leave everyone proud of you!! You’ll wonder, why was I so afraid??? We love you and pray that all your hope and dreams come true1 See you soon!

  2. Hey sweetie, I just heard Helen Palmer say:
    “The ego is really stupid. It thinks that if you don’t do it’s bidding catastrophe will happen. It’s just not very smart.”

    I was thinking of bringing my Polar Bear Psalm to the reading. I don’t think you should have all the fun 🙂 PS I know its hard. It is hard. You are very brave.

  3. hallelujah!!!!

    This entire post gave me goosebumps.

    “Instead, I am choosing to live from the God-space inside of me and I will live as large and beautiful and shiny and sparkly and bold and fabulous as the Holy wants me to be!”

    “Rooted to the Holy Calm…” Oh! How i love this.

    Wish i could be there to watch you rock that place!

    You’re amazing, my friend

    I am celebrating you—beautiful woman. Here’s to rising up, again and again, and rejoicing.

    Sending love.

  4. Dear Little Chicken,
    Currently on vacation…but, still keeping up with the world.
    Best wishes on your reading. I know you will shine like the morning star! Just be a hollow reed…empty yourself to spirit. Your ego has lost her hold over your future. I am so proud of you!
    I will be there to support you in spirit. This is one small step in becoming the Holy Woman you are destined to be in this life. Your audience is in for a rare treat. Love and huggies!
    Auntie Shell

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