Abundant Mind – Day 2

Another Ten Beautiful Things in My Life:

1. February – It is in your month that I begin to feel the arrival of Spring. I see the tiny buds on trees, the green shoots of daffodils, hyacinths, and crocus and I see the lengthening of days.

2. Sacred Taos Mountain – I do not know when I will see you again, but you are forever a part of my heart, my blood, and my bones.

3. Language – I am grateful for my ability to express myself through the humble and simple tools of paper, pen, and my own human mind.

4. Sunshine – today I will walk with you.

5. The pain in my hands – this tells me I have been using them. For writing, for typing, for creating, and for learning to balance myself on the back of a horse in a posting trot.

6. Phone, Notebook, Socks – they are all the same shade of red and look so nice all lined up. Notebook on my lap, socks on my feet, phone at my side.

7. Mortar & Pestle – the shiny black surface sitting on my windowsill assists in my creation of the best chicken marinade in the world.

8. Conch Shell – You remind me of ancient ocean origins, indigenous ancestors, dancing for and calling to God, and all the dear family and friends I have living in the Hawaiian islands.

9. Closed Litter Boxes – your heart-shaped openings and pastel colors keep noxious kitty smells out of my living room.

10. Electric Heat – on a cold February day, you keep my writing hands warm and help make that Winter Sun feel like Summer.


One thought on “Abundant Mind – Day 2

  1. I can feel the abundance, my friend…the gratitude filling your heart.

    Thank you for your beautiful message today, what a blessing…it warmed me up inside.


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