Abundant Mind – Day 3

10 Beautiful Things in My Life:

1. Potatoes and Leeks – add bacon, cream and cheese, some flavorful broth and lots of onions to create a deliciously warm pot of Potato Leek soup. Perfect for a cold February day.

2. Imbolc – Today. A neopagan holiday celebrating the end days of Winter and the earliest moments of Spring. The Earth is beginning to wake up even if you haven’t quite noticed.

3. Onions – Not only are they flavorful and healthy they give my family a purpose and an identity. They shaped my childhood and form many of my precious memories.

4. Dr. Dee – Naturopath Extraordinaire. A woman who doctors with compassion and humor, makes house calls, and advocates lovingly and fiercely for her patients.

5. 40 minutes for 40 days – There is magic in these measures of time as they connect me with the wisdom and heart of Jesus, that kind man who, despite tremendous suffering, loved the world without condition.

6. Spiritual Communities – Men and Women who gather in churches, covens, synagogues, sanghas, temples, and ashrams all over the world to celebrate and contemplate the Holy.

7. Quiet – When all is silent and I hear my own breath and the monkey mind chatter begins to still itself. When time stretches around me into the great expanse of emptiness. When the expansiveness of each moment, each breath, each pen stroke is revealed.

8. Barbara Brown Taylor and her pen – For crafting two of the most meaningful books I have recently read: Leaving Church and An Altar in the World. No matter your spiritual tradition, these are books that touch the soul.

9. Sneezes – For a split second they allow us to let go completely and have a tiny peek into heaven.

10. Tarte Desserts and Bakery, Eugene, OR – Thank you for making the best Gluten-Free bread products I have tasted so far. The bread is magically light and when your dinner rolls are heated and butter is slathered around on the inside the chewy dough emits a real bread and butter smell that brings me to my knees.


3 thoughts on “Abundant Mind – Day 3

  1. Oh, Melissa..you’ve made me very very hungry. I’d love to sit with you over a big steaming bowl of potato leek soup & some of those yummy, perfectly buttered dinner rolls.

    I’m thankful for you, my friend.

  2. I am so grateful for you, writer-storyteller-woman, for who you are and that you share yourself with the world. You are one of my life’s great blessings.

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