Abundant Mind – Day 4

Another 10 Beauties:

1. Crow – Beautiful are the two crows who landed in the tree outside my kitchen window this morning and watched me as I prepared breakfast.

2. The Thin Red Line – that subtle subject in a piece of writing that ties each word together in the soul of the reader.

3. Bosc Pears and Havarti Cheese – together with sliced deli turkey and dijon mustard make the greatest grilled cheese sandwich of all time.

4. Fuzzy Red Socks – keep my feet warm and entertain my cats on a cold February day. A gift from my mom a few Christmases ago.

5. Altars Everywhere – Islands to God. Places in my home that hold art, photographs, plants, stones, statues, jars of scented water, candles, and incense reminding me of God’s constant presence.

6. Beyond Vietnam – a speech given by Martin Luther King, Jr exactly one year before his assassination. Words that speak of courage, hope, and sadness. Words that transcend time and penetrate the soul.

7. Prayer Shawl – Given to me by my Auntie on my first visit home to the Reservation. A shawl for dancing and praying and celebrating Creator, Creation, the life of my people, the earth, and the connection that exists between all living beings.

8. Soft Brown Blanket – light enough to transport anywhere, warm enough to snuggle under, this blanket is the definition of cozy.

9. Mary’s Park – Nature in my backyard. Trails, trees, birds, the Willamette River. Under this canopy I am transported into the lap of God.

10. Round Drum – The gathering of Indian men, women, and children to echo the sounds of the earth and remember the songs of our families, ancestors, and spirits. Our bodies will never forget.


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