Abundant Mind – Day 5

In recognition of abundance – Another 10:

1. Tulips – In a mason jar on my windowsill, all five blossoms turn their faces in unison toward the sun.

2. The music of Michael Franti & Spearhead – A dreadlocked and barefoot messiah spreading the message of love, peace, hope, and joy. Their songs change the fabric of the universe.

3. Stories – Yours, mine, and the tales of all who have gone before and all who will come after. We shape our world through language. Be sure yours is kind.

4. Nat’s Notes – The wise words of a teacher: “In the act of writing you will find your way.”

5. Mist – That fine coat of moisture barely visible in the air feels like the sky kissing my skin.

6. Poetry – My scripture. The words of Linda Hogan, Linda Gregg, Sandra Cisneros, and Alice Walker build a new reality of love, humanity, Spirit, awareness, and interconnection.

7. Curtains – I decide when to let the world in and when to keep it at bay. A lesson in setting boundaries.

8. Fast Writing Pens – Extra fine tip, black ink scratching quickly across the page, keeping up with first thoughts.

9. St. Francis of Assisi – His blessed presence continues to protect the world’s animals and inspires human animals to be voices for the voiceless.

10. Kale & Garlic – steamed with olive oil and a little chicken broth, drizzled with red wine vinegar this tasty creation can pass by my lips any day.


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