Abundant Mind – Day 6

10 Life Beauties:

"Winged Thoughts by Deborah Dawson http://www.deborahanndawson.com

1. Waking Up Early – I watched the sky turn from black to dark blue to hazy gray and peace rose up within me on the miracle of morning light.

2. Songbirds – I hear you singing Spring into being.

3. Rain – You make everything green.

4. Hairbands and scented oil – Thanks to you (and my evening bath) I did not have to shower this morning and I still look cute and smell great!

5. Art – The inspired images of Meinrad Craighead and Debbie Dawson fill my walls with colorful dreams.

6. River – I cannot always see you, but I know you are there. You sing me to sleep and sing me to wake.

7. Bacon – Good for so many things, the taste of bacon compliments everything. But, made simply, fried in a skillet for breakfast, will always be my favorite.

8. Rest – It is okay to rest. It is necessary to rest. I give you permission to rest.

9. Probiotics – For proper digestive health.

10. Candles – Lighting a candle is akin to calling God.


2 thoughts on “Abundant Mind – Day 6

  1. Melissa, could you post some kind of a link to Deborah Dawson, please? An internet search didn’t get me anymore than some announcements about classes past. I like the painting you posted and would love to see more of her work.



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