Abundant Mind – Day 7

10 Beautiful Things in My Life (+some):
For My Co-Heart

1. Mandalas – Color, sand, symbol, geometry, focus, multifaith, united in healing

2. Soul Collage – Intuitive images speak the soul’s truth

3. Prayer Beads/Rosaries – Sacred Numbers, Sacred Stones, Sacred Words

4. Ecstatic Dance – Seeking Union through Movement, Community, and Music

5. Centering Prayer – Entering the Quiet to Be with God

6. Chanting – Praying from deep center with full voice and present-minded awareness

7. Pilgrimage – Journey home to center

8. Icons – Inspired images join with language to ignite the holy light of God within

9. Shape Note Singing – Four-part harmony holy

10. Sweat Lodge/Inipi – Sacred Fire, Holy Stones, Ancient Medicine

11. PowWow – Dance, Drum, Song, Prayer, Family, Honor, Remember

12. Common Prayer – Sacred Language uniting a community

13. Memorization of Sacred Text – Holding the Holy in our hearts, absorbing language into our souls

14. Tarot – archetypal symbols helping us to hear God

15. Rave – candy necklaces, repetitive rhythms and the gratitude that this is something I never have to do


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