Abundant Mind – Day 8

10 of My Life’s Beauties:

1. Memory – Sacred. My past experiences have built and blessed my present life.

2. Pandora Radio – Thank you for always knowing what I want to hear.

3. Tall Walking Man – Your wall of rain blesses this earth and makes it green. My favorite color.

4. Felted-heart lollipops – emanating love from a flowerpot in my windowsill.

5. My Writing Community – don’t think, keep your pens moving, rest in the silence.

6. Raindrops – shimmering light catchers sliding down my window.

7. Red Rose – Decaffeinated black tea tickles my taste buds while keeping me calm and grounded.

8. Red Rugs – Thank you for catching dirt and being a platform for shoes.

9. Red-Bellied Woodpecker – Thank you for choosing the trees outside my window.

10. Bruce – Thank you for your small kindnesses, your warm smile, and your full-hearted laugh. I will not forget.


One thought on “Abundant Mind – Day 8

  1. Oh my gosh! This photo! This sweet, little bird–pure magic.

    I love coming on here & hearing what beautiful things you are grateful for, Melissa–such a treat for my day. xo

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