Abundant Mind – Day 11

10 Beauties in this Life of Mine:

1. Blue Sky – I can look on and on and and on and on and on and on. In love with spaciousness.

2. Green Leaves – The plant may be indoors, but when the sun shines through the leaves heaven enters the room.

3. ProNamel Toothpaste – You have provided salvation from canker sores.

4. No Alarm Clock – I should have removed your alarming red light from my bedside table years ago.

5. Word Magnets – poetry for the refrigerator is genius.

6. Cardboard Boxes – not only are they excellent for delivering books, they make cheap and instant cat beds.

7. Ancestry.com – even though you keep me awake until 4am, I love following my family back in time to England, Ireland, Germany and places yet to be discovered.

8. Dark Brown Nail Polish – Mysterious, rich, deep, and a whole lot of fun!

9. Laura’s internet – It is not easy being friends with a graduate student and keeping in touch just got a whole lot easier.

10. “The Office” – Joy and Laughter well up inside me at the very thought.

One of my refrigerator poems, for your entertainment:
I asked my soul
how do you love
she said
accept give create
pray inspire

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