Abundant Mind – Day 17

What is going on? My days are speeding by. Writing papers, going to class, cooking and eating good food, catching up with friends, spending time with my sweetie. It is almost midnight for the second night in a row and I am just getting to my list. So here is a quick one before I run off to the land of nod.

1. Brother Ed – for serving up 12 days of healing prayers for this worn out Reverend.

2. Relaxed Professors – who don’t mind if I turn in that paper next week.

3. Water – because even though I do not drink enough of it, it sure feels nice when I do.

4. Snowflakes – because they are all different, all beautiful, and melt on your tongue as they fall from the sky.

5. Toilet Paper – I mean really. Imagine if you DIDN’T have toilet paper.

6. Grandmothers – we need their wisdom, their patience, their love, the blessings of their experience.

7. Deep Listening – It is the way to peace.

8. Loose change – it comes in handy for so many small moments: copies at the library, bus money, helping a homeless teenager, buying a cup of tea or coffee, buying a newspaper.

9. Literacy – the ability to read opens the mind to the world.

10. Socks – to keep our feet warm.


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