Abundant Mind – Day 18

Before I continue working on my latest academic paper, I will pause with another list of 10 abundances in my life:

1. Vacuum – Because I live with three cats and a man who is allergic to them. The vacuum helps.

2. Towels – Soft, fluffy, warm, dry.

3. Shoes – Because it is cold outside and the world around me is covered in too much concrete to go barefoot.

4. Incense – So I can see my prayers moving out into the universe.

5. Father John Dear – Minister and Peacemaker. Author of too many wonderful books to count. Thank you for writing back to me and encouraging me in my work.

6. Fireplace Screen – keeps the cats out of the fire and the fire out of the apartment.

7. Day Planner – Without it I would forget to brush my teeth, do my laundry, and . . . oh yeah . . . write those papers.

8. Almonds – they taste good in sweet foods, savory foods, or all on their own. They also make a tasty mock chicken salad. Seriously. Delicious. (And healthy . . . or so I’m told).

9. Washer & Dryer – We don’t have to travel more than a few feet to keep our clothes clean.

10. Remote Control – God forbid we would have to stand up to change the channel on the television.

“We pledge to practice nonviolence in our personal lives, to be nonviolent toward all those around us, and to engage in nonviolent action for justice and peace for the rest of our lives, until a new world is born, a world without war, poverty, or nuclear weapons.” —Father John Dear


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