Abundant Mind – Day 20

Half way there!

1. Contacts/glasses – The world becomes clear. Well, visibly at least.

2. Cat toys – Entertainment for cats and people.

3. Roast Chicken – A tasty meal that lasts and lasts and lasts.

4. The film “I AM” – Reminding us we are interconnected. Reminding us kindness, love, and compassion are innate and ought to be extended to all, unconditionally.

5. Barbara Kingsolver – I cannot imagine a life without her books.

6. Kindness – Goes a long way.

7. Love – I am surrounded by it (and so are you).

8. Asparagus – Thin green spears sauteed with garlic and oil provide a tasty accompaniment to my roasted chicken dinner.

9. Lightbulbs – Make daily tasks much simpler with light to see by.

10. Paper Towels – Because life is messy.


One thought on “Abundant Mind – Day 20

  1. I have been enjoying your daily posts and reflections of gratitude. Thank you for posting the trailer – it looks like a wonderful documentary with some inspiring leaders – including one of my favourite fellow Canadians, David Suzuki.

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