Abundant Mind – Day 21

Oh, The Glorious Day I Have Had!
10 Beautiful Things in My Life:

1. “Keep Portland Weird” – Portland, you lived up to your motto today. On the Trimet bus, the police were called because a young man with earbuds and artist hands didn’t feel like sitting down after a long work day. He wasn’t in anyone’s way, didn’t bother a soul, except that of the bus driver. After a thirty minute delay we were off again. Leaving the nice young man with the police and the unstable bus driver with a bus full of people. I suggest Trimet and the Portland police keep a stash of “Keep Portland Weird” bumper stickers in their vehicles at all times.

2. Theater – for creating live magic. Transporting audience members to new worlds both beautiful and disturbing.

3. Gluten Free brownies – Just because I can’t eat wheat doesn’t mean I can’t eat sugar. Thank you to whomever experimented with all those gluten free flours before creating the most deliciously safe brownie. I applaud you.

4. Gluten Free french fries – After a day like today, french fries and brownies sit well with a heavy case of the “crazies.”

5. Catman and Kittyboy – (Standing in front of the Safeway entrance/exit, waiting for a taxi to take me home, the following conversation takes place. This is a true story and the names have NOT been changed to protect the innocent).
ME (to the two young men with bushy orange tails who just exited the Safeway): Hey! I like your orange tails.
CATMAN: Thanks. I’m Catman and this is Kittyboy. We keep Lake Oswego safe.
ME: That is very nice of you. But, where were you about an hour ago? We really needed you back there on Macadam (Me, thinking of the previously mentioned Trimet bus situation).
CATMAN: Oh, yeah, well, we were on a break.
ME: A break? Don’t you have employees to cover your breaks?
CATMAN: You would think so, but you see, we are a non-profit and things are kind of tight right now.
ME: Yeah, that recession is really hitting people hard. Well, keep up the good work!
KITTYBOY (Shoving crackers and cheez whiz in his mouth): Thanks!!!
ME: Is that Cheez Whiz the reason your tails are orange?
CATMAN: No, this was the only color they had left at the store.

6. Scarves – On cold nights when meteorologists can’t decide if we are about to have the biggest snow storm of the year or no snow at all (Hey, maybe they should go work for Trimet), scarves keep me warm.

7. Frida Khalo – Your image on my altar inspires me to create magic with my pen the way you created magic with a paintbrush.

8. Iced Tea – Refreshing after an adventure filled day.

9. Lemons – You are good in sweet treats and soups. You liven up a glass of water or iced tea. You look pretty on top of a cake and your peel spirals nicely onto chicken and fish.

10. TriMet – Despite the day we shared, after a 40 minute wait, you still arrived before the taxi.

2 thoughts on “Abundant Mind – Day 21

  1. Oh my…you had me laughing on this one. Such characters, such moments.

    I adore you & your abundant mind, sweet Melissa.

    This gratitude stuff sure is catchy. Thank you for sharing it all.

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