Abundant Mind – Day 23

Great news! Today Pen, Paper, Prayer was awarded the “Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award” by Kristen Roderick at The Spirit That Moves Me. This is my very first blog award and I am so thankful to Kristen for thinking of me. In the spirit of generosity, I have also been asked to confer this award upon six blogs I think are deserving. But, because this blog is about listing (at least) TEN beautiful things in my life, I will bestow it upon ten blogs and authors whose work inspires and moves me. I am, however, changing the name of the award to the “Irresistibly BRILLIANT Blog Award” because the word “sweet” is a little too syrupy for my taste. Enjoy!

10 Irresistibly Brilliant Blogs (that remind me of the abundance of creativity, originality, and wisdom in the world):

1. Laura Flett’s Composting A Life

2. Maria Salomao-Schmidt’s Butterfly Mom’s Blog

3. Judy Beedle’s Judy Beedle Photography

4. Julia Fehrenbacher’s Painted Path

5. Mirabai Starr’s This Beautiful Wound

6. Paul Wallace’s Positive Science Negative Theology

7. Fleming McCarville’s Takes One to Know One

8. Laura Maryanski’s Smash Your TV and Have Adventures

9. Erica Rivera’s Yummy Luv

10. Julie True Kingsley’s Julie True Kingsley’s Blog

In honor of these Brilliant Blogs, a little video to encourage all of us to pass along our messages of encouragement, kindness, compassion, and love:


10 thoughts on “Abundant Mind – Day 23

  1. This is such an awesome post. And I love that you were talked about on cousin Paul’s blog as well. What a great way to pay it forward!!

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  4. Award Recipients, if you would like to “Pay It Forward,” please:
    1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award.
    2. Pass the award along to six (or more) other brilliant blogs.
    3. Have fun!

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