Abundant Mind – Day 24

Ten Beautiful Things in My Life (and maybe yours too):

1. Survivor – I mean really! Redemption Island. Russell and Rob! Mix that with plenty of crazy new characters and you’ve got a recipe for television success! Hours of entertainment! I’m a happy woman.

2. Gluten Free Candy Bars – Especially Snickers. Today’s lunch and after dinner dessert. These tasty treats also win me “cool points” with my favorite person.

3. Snow Days – Whether or not tomorrow is a winter wonderland, the permission to stay home and bear witness to soft, white flakes dancing down from the sky is a great blessing.

4. Writing Practice – I do not have the words for the importance of writing in my life. I need a swiftly moving pen and the ability to express myself freely on the page in the same way I need to breathe, drink water, and eat.

5. Kitchen Ingenuity – looking in my refrigerator I had no idea what to cook for dinner. I am a recipe cook. I find recipes, I shop according to recipes, and once the ingredients have run out I am at a loss. I have deep envy for folks who can put together a delicious meal with the odds and ends in their refrigerators. It is a skill I aspire to. Tonight I found cheese, potatoes, onions, milk, and sausage. And I made a casserole and it was delicious! And there are plenty of leftovers to get us through our anticipated snow day.

6. Snow Angels – You are never too old to make snow angels. Try it. You will smile.

7. Vanilla Honey Coffee Creamer – Vanilla. And Honey. Together. In my coffee. Oh, Holy Mother it’s good stuff!

8. Robins – Despite the snowy forecast these sweet red-breasted birds were out in force today. Heralding the beginning of Spring.

9. Cedar Trees – Especially when the boughs are coated in a light dusting of snow. The pattern of green against white just might be where God lives. Plus, the bark is handy for making rope and baskets (when properly harvested).

10. “Get Low” – Mix Storytelling, Truthtelling, Forgiveness, and Love with a dash of humor and a crotchety old man and you have a perfect little movie with an astonishing Robert Duvall.

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