Abundant Mind – Day 25

In honor of our Portland snow day, where two inches of snow equals a February Blizzard, 10 Beautiful Things:

1. Snowy Sunsets – Blue, pink, white. A layered sky.

2. Big, puffy snowflakes – Usually Willamette Valley snowflakes are teeny tiny and melt on contact. Today, at least for a few minutes, they were big, puffy, powdery and did not melt.

3. Snow boots – For walking on a slushy sidewalk.

4. double socks – Two pairs of socks provide better insulation and toasty toes.

5. double pants – Two pairs of pants provide better insulation and a warm seat.

6. double shirts – Two shirts (and a cozy sweater) protect me from hypothermia in 38 degree weather.

7. “bad” chick flicks – A good way to spend a lazy afternoon. The entire experience made me grateful to be ME and not a sad girl in a chick flick.

8. Betty White – Because she is Betty White. Iconic.

9. leftovers – I don’t have to cook. I let my microwave do all the work.

10. stocking cap with ear flaps – Cold ears hurt and now they don’t have to.

Happy Snow Day Everyone!


One thought on “Abundant Mind – Day 25

  1. I love the picture of 2 inches of snow. In Portland, we have always been a little different. So what if other places measure it vertically.

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