Abundant Mind – Day 26

Ten Beautiful Things in My Life:

1. The Sacred Feminine – Because women have been created in the image of God too.

2. The Buddha & Jesus – two great teachers whose lives of compassion, kindness, love, inclusion, peace, and social justice are worth emulating.

3. Tamanwit – The dance of Creator and Created. Interconnection, interbeing, interrelation.

4. Quinoa – Chisaya Mama “Mother of All Grains.” Sacred to the Inca this incredible plant is a gift from the Earth. A perfect food. Delicious, versatile, and excellent for those of us who cannot eat gluten.

5. Ancestors – You fill my life with blessings. You teach me, you heal me, you guide and love me.

6. Coconut Chai – A deliciously spicy tea. Add warm milk and honey or agave syrup and this exotic drink is perfect any time of day.

7. Dreams – Where the ancestors come to talk.

8. Country Roads – I am a country girl. I grew up in the country. My family have been country people for generations. I miss the country. I miss the open space, the fields, the orchards, the wide open sky. I love the quiet roads that “take me home to the place I belong.”

9. Chicken Marsala – Butter, oil, mushrooms, wine, herbs, and tender chicken breast simmered together make for one tasty dinner.

10. Teachers – I have been blessed with so many wonderful and influential teachers in my life. May this stream of wisdom continue to flow.

One thought on “Abundant Mind – Day 26

  1. I grew up in the suburbs and have grown to detest the traffic congestion, gray buildings, fast food restaurants, and lack of nature. I’ve been drawn to the country in the past few years and really enjoyed the video you shared, as well as your eighth beautiful thing on this list. I’m slowly moving out into the country (right now, I’m on the edge of the Chicago suburbs – cornfields and horse stables are down the road! 🙂

    I’m also going to have to try some coconut Chai soon.

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