Abundant Mind – Day 27

Books are abundant in my life. I have a separate room in my apartment for books and reading. I have four large bookshelves overflowing with books, not to mention more books piling up on the floor. And while graduate school keeps me busier with reading than I ever thought I would be, it has also taken away my time to read novels. Tonight I am thinking of books. Specifically, works of fiction. I miss disappearing into the lives of imagined characters and their imagined worlds. With a promise to return to the pages of imagination once my graduate degree is earned, a list of favorite fiction writers:

1. Joseph Boyden
2. Willa Cather
3. Diana Abu-Jaber
4. Connie May Fowler
5. N. Scott Momaday
6. Susan Vreeland
7. Amy Tan
8. Cormac McCarthy
9. Louise Erdrich
10. Gabriel Garcia Marquez

(I would also add Linda Hogan and Barbara Kingsolver to this list, but since they have appeared on previous “Abundant Mind” lists they have been relegated, with great love, to these parentheses).


2 thoughts on “Abundant Mind – Day 27

  1. Hey Cousin! Linda Hogan’s book Solar Storms is in my top 10 books, which of her other books would you recommend I get just to start with?

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