Abundant Mind – Day 28

Ten Simple, Beautiful Things in My Life:

Miss Phoebe Cat wearing her pink collar and tag

1. Warm Towels – It is cold outside and because I am trying to save money on my electric bill, it is often cold inside too. Warm towels are a blessing when moving from a hot shower or a warm bath to a cold bathroom.

2. Clean Sheets – Scented with lavendar, clean sheets bring sweet dreams.

3. Couch Covers – With three cats (and one in particular) who enjoy using our couch as a scratching post, couch covers protect the furniture underneath so that we continue to have something to sit on. A place to eat dinner, watch movies, and nap.

4. Cat Collars – Because I love these little buggers who puke on my carpet, tear up my couch, climb on my counters, and leave their hair on every available surface (plus some). If they ever decide to plan an escape, someone will read their tags and bring them home.

5. Vitamin D drops – Because I am a woman who lives in the Pacific Northwest and my Vitamin D levels are well-below normal and because I hate taking pills, these paste-like drops placed under my tongue each morning make my body think it’s seen the sun.

6. Pecorino – I love cheese. I especially love pecorino grated over gluten-free spaghetti with olive oil and freshly ground pepper.

7. Arugula – Because spinach is good, but arugula is better.

8. Lint Rollers – See above. Cats. Hair. Everywhere.

9. Word Searches – These keep me pleasantly entertained on bus rides, train rides, and while I wait for taxis.

10. Gluten Free chocolate chip cookies – When I discovered I was gluten intolerant I thought I’d never taste a cookie again. But, I’ve discovered gluten-free bakeries and the angels who create sweet treats from flours other than wheat.


One thought on “Abundant Mind – Day 28

  1. Another well written article. I am just amazed how talented and beautiful you are. You are so right about your cats, but I have a special place in my heart for Phobie. We love you!

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