Abundant Mind – Day 29

Today has been a day of pajamas, good food, and homework. I am grateful for this day.

"Amizi and Little Bird" by En Jin Qin

1. Checking items off the “to-do” list – It feels good to only have two more papers to write this week.

2. When the neighbor’s “Women’s Day” magazine gets into my mailbox by mistake – I’ll give it back to her, but first I want to photocopy a few recipes. “Braised pork shoulder with rice and cucumber salad” sounds tasty!

3. When books arrive on my doorstep – It’s like Christmas in February.

4. Feathers – birds need them, I dream them.

5. Comedy – laughing is relaxing.

6. Frozen Junior Mints – Movie magic does not exist without these chewy and refreshing treats. Warning: If you eat too many they may give you a stomach ache.

7. Flip-flops – I needed to talk to the apartment manager yesterday (ants have returned for Spring) and I decided these happy warm weather shoes would get me there just fine. They brought a smile to my face and reminded me Summer will arrive sooner than I think.

8. Glass Jewelry – I have a ring made of green and blue glass. It is one-of-a-kind, made locally by hand and is one of my favorite pieces. I feel good wearing it.

9. The Three Jewels – The Buddha, The Dharma, the Sangha. The Teacher, the Teachings, the Community.

10. Collaboration – working together is often better than working alone.


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