Abundant Mind – Day 30

Wishing you an abundance-filled day!

1. Expanding my library – Have I mentioned I love books? I love to learn. I soak up those words like a sponge. Learning makes me happy.

2. Cinnamon Toast – With an updated gluten-free version, this delicious treat takes me right back to my childhood.

3. Atheists – Thank you for keeping me on my toes and reminding me why I want to be a minister. To offer an authentic view of faith many have never experienced. One of tolerance, love, understanding, openness, compassion, peace, and inclusion.

4. Herbal Medicine – Because I do not want to fill my body with chemicals. I’d rather treat myself gently. I know this earth is full of healing plants. I honor the wisdom of these little brothers and sisters.

5. My Hometown – Those onion fields, berry fields, filbert orchards, and open spaces will always be home to me. Where every turn in the road, every tree, every house tells a story.

6. Holy Ground – A land that speaks to me of generations and brings me a sense of connection to something greater than myself. I have found Holy Ground in the onion fields of home, the Blue Mountains of my ancestors, and the mesas of New Mexico.

7. Peace begets Peace – To ground myself in the Sacred means living a life of peace and I believe that peace is catching. If violence only creates more violence, then peace can only create more peace. Live peacefully. Your peace is not for naught. You may not see how your peaceful mind plants the seed of peace in the mind of another, but it will and it does and together we can recreate our world.

8. Maintenance – The best thing about living in my apartment complex is the kindness and efficiency of our maintenance lady. Today, she replaced a broken electrical outlet and returned power to our radio.

9. Selsun Blue – Because my scalp does not like the winter. This blue shampoo that smells and looks like tar may be full of chemicals, but it soothes my itchy, dried out skin.

10. Goats – They eat weeds, mow the grass, and are nice to talk to.

One thought on “Abundant Mind – Day 30

  1. You find the best pictures, Melissa. Congratualtions on 30 days – which equals 300 items – of abundance and gratitude. Your blog reminds me that there are things to be thankful for everywhere, I just have to take that moment to notice and appreciate it in the moment. Ah, the moment! This blog is an important marker to the richness of life!

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