Abundant Mind – Day 35

After a long weekend of class, I am grateful for these ten beautiful things:

1. Flow – Life is all about movement. There is a rhythm of birth, death, and rebirth that sustains and motivates life. It is important to allow this movement to flow freely.

2. Allow – The importance of remaining open, not grasping, and allowing for peaceful and natural rhythms of life.

3. Frogs – They remind me of rain, spring, song, forests, water, and the earth.

4. Mysticism – God is all and nothing. God is fullness and emptiness. Open to the Mystery. A language of symbols, archetypes, and beauty.

5. Scent of Fresh Flowers – sweet, fragrant, exotic, subtle. The smell of flowers fills me with the feelings of peace, connection, and unsentimental love.

6. Celilo Falls – I know you are still there. Hidden under water. Someday we will hear your wild song again.

7. Walking – slow walking, fast walking, fresh air, nature, meditation. Walking helps us slow down and take notice of the world in which we live. That is a great blessing. A cultivation of reverence.

8. Catching up – Sometimes life gets so busy that we don’t take the time to connect with the family and friends we love. Today I caught up with one of my beautiful cousins and it felt great to connect.

9. Creative Cooking – trying new foods, experimenting with new recipes, remembering the joy and sensuality of food.

10. Zach Galifianakis – A character who brings joy into my quiet life by giving me something to laugh about. “I like to go to really bad movies, during their sixth week, and there’s only one other person in the theatre, and I like to sit right next to them. And they’re like, ‘excuse me?’, and I’m like, ‘Shhh, I can’t hear Keanu.'”


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