Abundant Mind – Day 36

Ten Beautiful Things in This Life of Mine:

1. The plastic ring on a milk jug – provides hours of entertainment for three happy cats.

2. Nature television – Offered my cats the opportunity to hunt Grizzlies, Wolves, and Ravens without harm to any of them and affording me a good hour of double entertainment.

3. A refrigerator full of groceries – sweet italian sausage, gluten free spaghetti, eggs, bacon, milk, chicken, corn tortillas, apples, grapefruit, mushrooms, onions, chocolate syrup, and ice cream.

4. Books about weddings – to help me, help couples create the wedding ceremonies of their dreams.

5. Clouds – remind me to slow down, relax, flow, and encourage my own creativity, imagination, and intuition.

6. The return of “The Event” – I have missed this show. I don’t know why it took NBC so long to bring it back, but I’m sure glad it is. Entertaining, Suspenseful, Exciting, Smart and Innovative.

7. Ice cubes – good for cooling drinks, but even better for soothing eczema covered skin.

8. Tea Tree oil – also excellent for soothing irritated skin.

9. Orange Spice tea – comforting, warm, fragrant.

10. Love – to be loved and to offer love is the greatest of all gifts.


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