Abundant Mind – Day 37

It is a race against the clock tonight. It is 11:38 pm as I begin to make this list. My internet connection was down this evening and has just been restored. So, while it may be a quick list, it will be my list. Ten Beautiful Things in My Life:

"St. Teresa of Avila" by Francois Gerard

1. Internet connection – keeping me connected to friends, family, and faithful readers.

2. Teresa of Avila – she is helping me rest this evening. Her poetic and genuine voice (as translated by Mirabai Starr) is a tremendous gift to my seemingly hectic, deadline driven life.

3. Ibuprofen – helps ease the headache that grabbed ahold tonight and has not quite let go.

4. A ticking clock – this repetitive sound helps me sleep. A “white noise” of sorts.

5. A kitty on my pillow – Miss Phoebe Cat (whose picture graced this blog not too many posts back) has decided to sleep beside my head. Maybe she knows I have a headache and is sending her loving energy my way.

6. Work – It may be only 3 1/2 hours a week, but it helps and I truly enjoy what I do.

7. Crooked glasses – for when my eyes are tired and the contacts start to burn, these glasses of crooked character help me see the world without strain.

8. Plants – there is a beautiful green plant in our bedroom that soothes me with its simple, life-giving beauty.

9. My Sweetheart – There are a million reasons, but tonight I am grateful for his willingness to stay up late finishing laundry, his appreciation of my cooking, and his support of this blog.

10. The Divine Spirit – That somehow enabled me to write this list in record time. I was very sad and worried that I would miss a day, but it all worked out.


2 thoughts on “Abundant Mind – Day 37

  1. I have enjoyed your blog although I have been only a silent witness I want you to know that I am inspired by your every word. Hard to believe you are at day 37 already! I love you list today/tonight and I am reminded of my list of gratitude and on that list are my glasses. Without my glasses I would miss so much of the world.
    Big hugs

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