Abundant Mind – Days 38 & 39

I have been having some difficulty with my internet connection the last few days and yesterday evening it did not work at all. Because of that I was unable to post my list of abundance. So, today there are two lists . . .

Day 38

1. Blue Patches – It has been raining. A lot. But, look up and notice that there are blue sky patches in between those rain clouds. I love blue sky on a rainy day.

2. Space Between Raindrops – One day I was complaining about the rain during a visit by one of my Buddhist teachers. He said, “But, look at all the space between the raindrops.” And the truth is that there was much more space without rain than there was space with rain.

3. Coffee Outings – I met with a dear friend today. Someone I haven’t seen in years. It was so wonderful to catch up over cups of tea inside the warm and dry walls of a coffee shop.

4. Gratitude – The expression of gratitude is a beautiful thing. Tell someone “Thank You” today.

5. Bears – You teach us about rhythm. The time for rest and the time for activity.

6. The Sound of Hail – I love a good storm and the sound of hail crashing against my bedroom windows helps me sleep at night.

7. Smiling Faces – A smile can make a huge difference in a person’s day. So, turn your frown upside down and smile at the next face you see.

8. Grapefruit Juice – It’s just good.

9. Cat Nip – It makes the cats happy and promotes exercise. Not to mention the entertainment value.

10. Sunlight – The days are visibly longer and I am beginning to believe Spring is right around the corner.

Day 39

1. Pumpkin Chicken Enchiladas – It’s what’s for dinner.

2. One-year Spiritual Direction Certificate – it is quite conceivable that I can earn this certificate while working on my Master’s Thesis.  I’d finish both at the same time and that seems like a very beautiful thing.

3. Spring Flowers – When I began this list there were only green shoots growing outside my window.  Now those green shoots have given birth to yellow and purple flowers.  Daffodils and hyacinths.  Beautiful!

4. Daylight Savings Time – Because I look forward to the increase in light.

5. Mellie’s Ice Cream Delight – Because when I make an ice cream sundae, I don’t stop at hot fudge.  Toppings are my speciality.

6. Writing Group – Helpful, Warm, Creative, Generous, Wise.  I adore these women!

7. Native American Playwrights – You inspire me.  Our voices are important.  Our stories are important.  Keep writing!

8. Public Broadcasting – Quality entertainment.  I have been learning from you all my life.

9. Macro Photography – Beauty birthed in new and exciting ways.  Exposing a deeper reverence for nature and art.

10. Belly Dancing/Middle Eastern Dance – I was hooked all those years ago when I first heard the music and first wore the coins.  I have been shimmying and hip circling and camel walking ever since.  And those veils!  And those finger cymbals! And those drums!  Excellent!

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