The letter “T”

So, it seems you want it all. The majority votes in last week’s poll were for gratitude lists, writing prompts, and spiritual practice.

I like that you want it all.

Here are ten things I am grateful for on this cold December night:

Talenti Gelato – The tahitian vanilla bean is good. The sea salt caramel will change your life.

Toblerone – I like the dark chocolate variety. Delicious honey and almond bits go good with tahitian vanilla bean gelato (after you’ve eaten all of the sea salt caramel).

Portable heater – Heat travels from meditation room to bedroom and back again.

Glittens – Are they gloves? Are they mittens? They are both and they are green (my favorite color) and they keep my hands warm when I walk. Plus, “glitten” is just fun to say.

Fuzzy Green Scarf – My favorite color wrapped around my neck and half way up my face. It’s cold out there.

Old Lady Sweater – It’s not really an old lady sweater. It is MY sweater. Black and white yarn, big swirly buttons, pockets, a big collar, enough length to cover my bum. I’m warmer now.

Grandma’s Afghan – She made it for me almost fifteen years ago when I first moved away from home. It is green, orange, brown, beige, olive, and taupe. I love it, the cats love it, and even though Gram has now been gone for eleven years I still feel her love in every crocheted stitch.

Tea Lights – Instead of a fire in my fireplace, I have tea lights on a cookie sheet. The warm glow makes me happy and costs less than firewood.

Tara Practice – Om Tara Tuttare Ture Soha. Asking God to clear away the cobwebs. I want to see clearly.

The letter “T” – Talenti, Toblerone, Tea Lights, Tara, and the very heart of glittens.


One thought on “The letter “T”

  1. Melissa! I saw a comment that you left recently on one of my posts and I was so pleasantly surprised! I thought you disappeared months ago and it turns out you just moved over to another site! I’m also glad to see you’re doing gratitude lists. I have a fuzzy green scarf that I love as well. 🙂

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