Buddha in the Rain

On this fourth day of January I am grateful for:

New Friends – I have met many new people in the last three weeks. I am grateful to each of them for bringing more joy and love and kindness into my life.

Old Friends – Friends who have become family. 

Dharma Family – Visiting a new sangha in the same tradition of a familiar sangha is a grand blessing. Knowing that my Dharma family extends across the world helps me feel less alone in my practice. It also reminds me that there are prayers for love and peace going out across the world all the time.

Sitting Meditation – The blessing of breathing.

Walking Meditation – The blessing of walking.

Leggings – Comfortable attire for meditation – both the sitting and the walking kind.

Tall Boots – Excellent for rainy Oregon nights.

Comfortable Cushions – better for the bum during meditation sessions.

Warm Shawls – Wrapping not only warmth, but the blessings of family and ancestors all around me.

Loving-Kindness – May all beings be happy, May all beings be safe, May all beings awaken to their true nature, May all beings be free.


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