Happy Birthday

Today I turned thirty-five years old. Happy Birthday to me!  But, not only Happy Birthday to me, also Happy Birthday to my mom. Today was my mom’s sixty-first birthday. That’s right – I was born on my mother’s birthday.

This day has always been special. Every year of my life I have celebrated this day with the most important woman I know. Mom. It is our day.

Thirty-five years ago, my mom believed she could not have children. Diagnosed with infertility she and my father decided to adopt. I don’t know how long they waited, but one day they got the call. A little girl had been born on January 5th. I cannot imagine what that call was like for my parents. I only know that my parents dreams of having a child came true. I arrived, 7 lbs 14 oz as a birthday gift to my mother.

When I think about the miracle of birth, anyone’s birth, I am speechless. So many tiny events make-up the individuality of each unique and blessed child. I am grateful everyday for the events of my birth. A fifteen year old girl – scared and alone in this world – not only gave me the gift of life, she gave me the gift of my family. A tremendous sacrifice for such a young girl. After I found my birth mother I thanked her every chance I could for the decision she made.

I am lucky. I found my birth family and I have the most amazing adoptive family. To me they are all family. More love to go around.

Tonight I am grateful for all the events that created my life and continue to help me grow. When I look back on these three-and-a-half decades and look forward to the future I know that I am living a life of abundance. The love that surrounds me is a blessing I do not take for granted.

May we all awaken to the abundance in our lives and may we write about all the special moments that brought us to now.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. I’ve always felt that there are no accidents when it comes to adoption. It sounds like this was true for you. Happy birthday to you and your Mom.

    (My mother was born on my grandmother’s birthday too!)

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