Another Day of Abundant Mind

A day for gratitude:

Decaf Green Tea – “You never know what you have until it’s gone.” I was sad when I opened my tea drawer (yes, I have an entire drawer) and discovered I had swallowed up all my decaf green tea. My body cannot handle caffeine. Even the smallest bit and I get the shakes, a stomach ache, and cold sweats. But, I was eating some deliciously fragrant Thai food for dinner (cucumber salad & Larb) and it really needed a dose of mild green tea. I settled for “Sleepytime,” but the absence of the green tea reminded me to be grateful.

Sleepytime Tea – good to have when you run out of decaf Green tea.

Hungry Cats – on days when I am occupied with monkey mind or writing or a Dexter marathon I am happy that my cats know exactly what time they eat dinner. Everyday, without fail, they begin to congregate in a herd (can three cats make a herd) at 4:30pm. They move closer and closer to my pre-occupied self until it is time to eat dinner. By the time 5:30 rolls around they are all three walking over my legs, behind my head, and meowing incessantly.  I am grateful that they remind me, in a not-so-gentle way, to keep them well-fed.

Work – it may not be much, but taking notes for students a few nights a week offers a supplement to those skinny financial aid checks. It also feels good to help.

Maude – this new-to-me laptop has improved my life greatly. A million nods of gratitude to my generous benefactor.

Cucumber Salad – cucumbers swimming in a vinegar dressing steeped with red onions, cilantro, tofu bits, and mint. Delicious.

St. Francis – the image of this Saint hangs low on a wall above my cats. He protects their sweet little lives and they seem to like him. I am grateful for his many blessings of all creatures.

Bears – they remind me to dream, to rest, and to love.

Solstice Candle – On Winter Solstice this year I had the privilege of sitting in prayer and ritual with four other women. Each of us lit our solstice candle and set intentions for the year. Mine? To connect deeply with God through love, peace, compassion, and kindness. The candle sits beside my bed and lighting it reminds me of that night, those women, that intention, and the light in the darkness.

Catnip – it makes my cats happy and their happiness is important to me.

Your happiness is also important to me. I wish you all hearts full of joy and gratitude. May we all learn to see the abundance that surrounds us.



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