Choosing Not to be a Grump

I am sneezing. And my eyes are itching. And my sinuses are aching. And all the fluffy snow that appeared last night was gone when I woke up this morning. You’d think I’d be grumpy. But, I’m not. I’m writing again today. This makes three days of progress in a row.

Here is what I am grateful for:

Kleenex – good for sneezing

Rain – good for rivers and lakes and land

My Best Friend – even though she moved away she still calls and checks in and offers support of my writing life

Power – not the crazy, mad kind . . . the electrical kind. Last night there was a power outage, but I woke up with heat, an internet connection and light. Thanks, Portland General Electric!

Confidence – I know Project Ladybug (aka thesis) will be finished on schedule. I trust myself to complete this project on time.

Gluten-free Frosted Flakes – Only three ingredients: corn, cane sugar, and salt. Simple food is better (although not always healthy).

Writing – it just feels good.

New adventures – celebrating my own and those of friends. Change is scary, but taking a new step toward something that fills your heart with joy is always worth exploring.

A good book – right now I am reading “A Persistent Peace” by Father John Dear (who will be visiting Portland in a few weeks). I am inspired to live out my call to ministry, my call to peacemaking, and my call to write.


3 thoughts on “Choosing Not to be a Grump

  1. Such good points, all of these! Well – we don’t have the same best friend but I agree they are the best 🙂 This was a nice uplifting post, thanks 🙂

  2. I am in the middle of reading “A Persistent Peace” too! I found a signed copy for five dollars at Powell’s right before I moved!!! Happy reading, and happy writing to you!!

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