Sparkle & Thrill

I am not one of those people who loves Christmas. What may have started as an irritation with Christmas decorations being sold just after Halloween (this was some years ago) has morphed into an almost complete dislike of all things “holiday.” I would very much like to hide in a secret location from November through February.

Yes and I have my reasons.

But sometimes there are moments that give me a thrill. That old childhood sparkly feeling when I wrote letters to Santa comes back for a surprise visit and I smile.

I had one of those moments waiting for the train home from work. When I stopped to notice this:


Wishing you plenty of holiday thrills and sparkly feelings.

One thought on “Sparkle & Thrill

  1. I feel the same way. It’s more difficult when you have children. Now that my youngest no longer believes in Santa we are celebrating the season differently. We are celebrating the 25 days of Christmas. We are learning about how different religions and cultures celebrate this time of year. Yesterday we learned about the Yule log. Last week we celebrated Hanukkah with some friends. We are also lighting candles for advent. Our season is richer and more meaningful. We are also trying to do random acts of kindness which are turning out to be more acts of just kindness for friends in our church. I get so tired hearing about the “war on Christmas.” I hate it when people get upset and correct me when I say Happy Holidays. I think it’s selfish that people think that Christians are the only ones who celebrate this time of year. It’s interesting learning about the origins of Christmas. Don’t get me started on all the family stress. I would love to just fly to Hawaii, just the four of us and celebrate Christmas on a beach. Great post! Happy Holidays!

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