From Snow Day to Sick Day


I haven’t had a cold in years. Years. Even when I tried to get colds during graduate school in the hope of some time to rest, nothing. I couldn’t get sick.

But, today I woke up with a solid, no doubt about it, head cold. I spent the day eating hot and sour soup (which I could barely taste thanks to congestion), watching movie after movie (The Hangover, Part 3 – so so; Paradise – bad; The Way Way Back – good), and snuggling with my cat (who was also sneezing).


Lately, there have been little signs that I need to rest and relax. Dreams, things I read in books, advice from friends and mentors, even my doctor. But, after the intensity of academia it turns out I am not very good at resting. (See last week’s blog about my guilt). What I am good at is being anxious and worried and hyper vigilant.

And now I am sick. I am sick because I didn’t listen to all the hints. I am sick because I ignored the call to rest. And now, my body leaves me no choice.

Rest it is.

I’m going to have a cup of tea now. And get some sleep.


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