Me Today

It is entirely possible the only reason I bought an iPhone was to take and edit photos. I love capturing a moment, a feeling, a memory. Clichéd and sappy? Yep, but oh well. For a few years I have noticed “photo a day” prompts on Facebook and Instagram and thought about undertaking the adventure as an exercise in creativity and play. Of course, I had a million reasons not to, which basically came down to the belief I had no time to play because I had papers to write or a residency to finish. Finally I am giving myself over to whimsy with no purpose other than fun and doing something absolutely, entirely for me. So each day (for as long as I enjoy it) I will use my blog as a platform (autocorrect said “playform” which sounds better to me) to share my photos. Some days I may write, some days I may not. The prompts for these daily pics come from Chantelle Ellem, author/creator of Fat Mum Slim, a blog about living a creative and inspired life.

Today’s prompt: “Me Today.” Never in a million years would I choose this prompt, but in the spirit of surrendering to the process, here’s what was happening in my life this third day of 2015.

Brunch with my friend, Phil:


Palm Reading at a local bookstore:


Home to write (with the cat and the fire):


Happy Face:



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