Melissa Bennett, M.Div. (Umatilla/Nez Perce/Sac & Fox, Blackfoot Lakota/Navajo) is a writer and emerging storyteller interested in story as medicine, especially its ability to heal historical trauma among indigenous communities. Nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2013, Melissa writes poetry, fiction, and essays with a focus on social justice, culture, tradition, and spirituality.  Currently, Melissa works in higher education partnering with Native American/Alaskan Native/Pacific Islander students and community to create culturally relevant programming and events. Melissa is a member of the 2014-15 Native American Youth and Family Center LEAD Cohort, the Northwest Indian Storytellers Association, and WordCraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers.


11 thoughts on “Author

  1. Melissa, it’s a joy to discover your website and insights! Thanks for sharing with an awesome bio. As I writer, I can relate to many of your inspirations and thoughts. Look forward to checking out your playwriting project when it’s complete. 🙂 Best~

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  3. I would like to mention your Abundant Mind series in my simple living blog (you have inspired me to do a similar series). Can you contact me via e-mail to discuss this? (I couldn’t find your e-mail address on your blog, so I hope you receive this comment!)

  4. Hi Melissa! Nice to finally take a moment to visit your blog. I enjoyed reading your bio and I appreciate your thoughts on God as a verb. My blessings for a happy new year. Linda Steele

  5. Melissa,
    Are you familiar with the book, The Daughters of Copper Woman by Anne Cameron? She is a Native American and this book is stories from one of the Alaskan tribes. It is a treasured book in my library, and very worn! LOL I too, do not always sleep, but always dream. Lovely. Thank you!

  6. Mellie, I like the new look!! And I think this works well for future endeavors. YES… I love the title. It could be the name of your book on writing that you will write… some day… Yep, pass that pen and keep it flowing…

    love you

  7. I got here from mari l mccarthy’s the journaland writing therapist, I really enjoy your place in this world and hope to check in often!

  8. Oh! What a treat this is, my friend!

    I just stumbled upon this site, read your kick-A- bio and can’t wait to read more! Love the feel of this place. I’m inspired!

    Sending big love.

  9. You are Awesome. Thank you for your bio blurb. Yes, I loved your swiftness. You are intelligent and inspirational and guess what? incredible. Thankyou thank you thankyou. Now My Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York (nuyorican) self shall bless us both with some sleep. I am grateful for your ease and I send you good vibrations.

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