Photography by Pan Stadl Berger


One thought on “Contact

  1. Hi Melissa,
    I came across your post from May 22 because I was doing a google search on job descriptions for Indigenous Spiritual Care Providers. I work as a Spiritual Care Provider at a hospital in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada and we are currently looking to hire an Indigenous Spiritual Care Provider to work with Indigenous people of all faiths and no faith. I am wondering if you could help me out with the job description as this will be a brand new position for our hospital, I want to make sure we have all the qualitities and qualifications listed correctly on the job description. If you would be willing to help me out I would be very grateful, below you will find some info regarding the indigenous population here.

    -most indigenous people here are Ojibway or Cree or a combination of both. The languages spoken are Ojibway, Cree or Oji-Cree
    – most indigenous people here are Christian, some have traditional beliefs and practices however a large percentage blend both Christian and Traditional beliefs.

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